Shumidor- ecological hangout for your shoes!

Shumidor- guesses what this is? Naah, it’s not a dog breed nor is it some celebrity’s kid’s name. It’s an umm, shoe rack. Now I don’t know who christened it (Shumidor… what?) but I do know who created this. It’s a creation of Michael Kritzer. The ionic shoe deodorizer, allows you to clean and freshen your favourite shoes in an eco-friendly manner. The Shumidor’s ionic air quickly whisks away odour causing water, leaving your shoes feeling cool and dry. In fact, using it should extend the life span of your favourite shoes as well. Now, what makes this eco-friendly? Let’s explain by keeping your shoes dry and clean, odour-causing bacteria that thrive in damp and warm climates are blown away.

The Shumidor also does this without the use of harsh chemical abrasives or toxins, making it an ecologically friendly solution for those who are environmentally conscious. That’s swank and it doesn’t look bad either. There are no details on price or when this will be commercially available.

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