Speed up the décor with Ducati’s Official Fine Art Prints Collection

Ducati fans can rejoice at the opportunity of showcasing their love for the brand right in their den. The iconic bike brand has joined hands with Cultwork to launch a limited edition of authentic Ducati artworks. Your passion for Ducati bikes can be exhibited up the walls of your living rooms or offices as a team of international graphic artists and photographers have given shape to it in the form of ‘Design your life with your passion.’ The collection revolves around three themes of Bikes, Racing Art, and Ducati Icons& Vintage. Each collection caters to the racing buffs who wouldn’t miss the chance to show their love for Ducati’s most important bikes or subjects inspired by key racing moments. Inspired by Ducati’s vast heritage, the Icons& Vintage Collection concentrates on Ducati iconography and images.

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All the work is customized according to the customer’s requirements. Depending upon the kind of material (Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Cultbond, and Cultplex) used and the desired size, the work ranges from $150 – $2000. Each artwork will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and limited edition, guaranteeing its originality and collector value. The artworks can be purchased exclusively from the Ducati art prints web store and will be available at selected Ducati stores.

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