The Monopoly Pinball Machine by Stern is for $5,000

I suppose many people, the world over, had and still have an obsession with making a little silver ball jump all over a table, hitting targets, and flying up ramps along the way. Countless technologies have been added to pinball tables to attract players, yet the goals of the game remain the same: score points and keep the pinball from going down the drain. This coin-operated arcade game has been here for more than 50 years and it’s still going strong. MONOPOLY, the best-selling board game of all-time is now the hottest pinball machine on the boardwalk. And hey, don’t think that it’s a replica……this Stern game is the same model that can be found in commercial arcades.

Brought to you by STERN Pinball, Hasbro, and Pat Lawlor Design, the MONOPOLY pinball is designed by Pat Lawlor and his team of mechanical and programming engineers. The goal of the MONOPOLY pinball machine is to move your piece around the game board, collect properties, and lock balls. When you pass GO, multi-ball will start and you can become the millionaire you’ve always dreamed of being! If you are a die-hard pinball enthusiast then get on for your home or office for just a bit of weighty sum of $5,000.

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