Wrecked Porsche Carrera GT from “Redline” for $100,000

Can’t get that down my gut! Is it true that somebody would actually be interested in acquiring a wrecked Porsche Carrera GT? So what it’s the same one from the movie “Redline”? It is currently up for bidding for $100,000 on eBay. Although a brand new version of this classic auto sells for up to $450,000, you can get a broken-down version for around half that price. The car went up for sale at a previous auction, reaching $254,000, but the highest bidder pulled out without paying. More wrecking pictures follow……

The Carrera GT up for sale is in fact one of two such cars that were used in making the movie. Though it’s not the car that gets thrown off a cliff, there are some major problems with the vehicle, which is in need of a new front bumper cover, left front brake rotor, left front wheel, front and rear under trays, rear axle and several other items. The motor can start and revs freely but because of the damaged axle will not drive. Got that? Go ahead and put in a tender if you’ve got a hundred thousand dollars to toss for some ruins!

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