A British family shell out $3000 to fly their pet cat to New Zealand

As a pet owner myself, I am well versed with the dilemma attached to leaving pets behind when going on a vacation or relocating to a newer farther destination. But here’s a bit of touchy news about a family who fished out $3000 to fly their pet cat, Snowy, from London to New Zealand! They surely are ardent pet lovers I guess. British family, Wilsons, moved from London to Christchurch this month and there was no way Snowy was going to be left behind. Snowy survived the 30 hour-plus trips and is now spending her dotage sleeping and lying in the sun at the Wilson family’s Lincoln property. Although she is old and almost deaf and a bit stupid (that’s what the family said), she is an integral part of their family as she has been with them longer than their own kids. Snowy joined the family more than 20 years ago when Wilson’s mother-in-law found the American white short-haired cat hiding in her privet hedge. Wow, this cat is undeniably a blessed soul!

Before flying to New Zealand, Snowy had a slew of blood tests and veterinary examinations. She was microchipped so she could be identified if she escaped during transit, and then sedated and flown to New Zealand in a plane’s cargo hold. Lorraine Wilson and her son, David, 11, say 21-year-old family pet, Snowy, is lapping up her new life in New Zealand – a trip that costs the family $3000.

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