Döttling offers a bespoke treatment for their tabletop safe Colosimo

Have you heard about the legendary Chicago gangster “Big Jim” Colosimo, who died in 1920? Well, it’s a fact that US banks have come up with massive vaults with huge round steel doors and complex lock mechanisms to protect their client’s wealth from these mobsters. Well, in an ode to the man, Döttling has recreated the epic safe in a 1:13 scale, making it the world’s smallest safe, called Colosimo. This is not a completely new product, but now the company will dress the body of this safe with anything you prefer, from a carbon finish to a fine calf leather one. There are no limits to the variations of materials and, therefore, to your imagination. The result is a safe that is as unmistakable and distinctive as your own personality.

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Sporting glossy steel surfaces, the door can be opened only using a 3-digit personal code. The safe is described as the brand as “Haute safeology.” You can also opt for a Döttling precision watch winder, which is battery operated to come within the safe. A cedar wood humidor inserts and integrated air humidifier to go with it. The hand-crafted safe comes with 32 gold-plated precision gearwheels and can be placed on a tabletop via an additional mounting set.
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