This Giant Vintage Chess Set is a befitting gift for a king

Picture this. A tall arching hallway door moans as it is pushed open with some effort. A sprawling carpet dazzles beneath an elaborate chandelier that rains its light down on an elaborate living space. At one end of the hallway, a large, imposing elk-head beams down at the inhabitants as the fire cackles at the charring firewood. In one corner, hoisted above the worldly levels of disquiet and activity sits perched in his high chair, the man of note. His fingers twiddling his beard and his eyes flicking between his opponent and the dazzling aluminum pawns he so controls.

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Between them lies this ornate, larger than life, chess set, with a board so generous spread that it would seem almost carved into the scene. The Giant Vintage Chess Set shows off its beautiful inlaid wooden board that is scaled to match the daunting chess-pieces, made all of aluminum and stationed in silent battle across the board. Such is what dreams of old were made of.
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The chess set board opens up to a size of 29.5 inches (w) x 14.75 inches (d) x 5.25 inches (h). The pieces range in heights of 5 to 8 inches. The ensemble is available at $399.
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[ Available at : Restorationhardware ]

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