Top five private jet trends by Elite Traveler

I’m not one of them but I love to peek into the lifestyle of the well-heeled. As we all know the sky is the limit for today’s rich and famous, I was wondering about their jet-set plans for 2007? Elite Traveler magazine offers a voyeuristic glimpse into the future of private flight! The top five trends are –
1. The Rich Man’s Taxi – Very light jets make travel as easy and convenient as limo service. It is cheaper, too. Also, since 40% of charter flights left empty each day many of these seats are priced to move.

2. Bigger is Better – Private jets are getting bigger as individuals place orders for jets the size of a 737 and even larger. Customized media rooms, flashy bars, and large master bedrooms are becoming the norm as well.
3. Private Jet Food Goes Gourmet – Celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck, David Bouley, and David Burke have been hired to cook for private jet travelers. Jet owners are bringing along their personal chefs, while jet charter companies are partnering with top-rated restaurants, too.
4. Super Rich Sports Fans – Increasingly, travelers are taking their jets to big sporting events. Other jet companies are offering special game day packages as enticements to gain new customers.
5. The Uber Gift Card – More people are giving the gift of private jet travel to friends and family. Corporations are also using these cards as a backup to traditional commercial flights when more flexibility is needed.
Douglas Gollan, president, and editor-in-chief of the magazine quotes, “As big jets get even bigger, big names in everything from interiors to cuisine will play a role.”

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