United Polaris has teamed up with Saks Fifth Avenue’s for an impressive window display

United Airlines and Saks Fifth Avenue recently unveiled a United Polaris-themed display in the windows of the department store’s flagship location Fifth Avenue in New York City. The display is titled “Now Arriving” and the 14 store windows feature a replica of a United Airlines plane. The six central windows show off a re-creation of the United Polaris experience, including actual United Polaris seats, which will debut on flights in February, and the cabin’s custom Saks Fifth Avenue bedding suite.

“We designed these windows to give passersby the feeling that they are actually walking through the luxurious United Polaris cabin,” said Mark Briggs, executive vice president, creative, Saks Fifth Avenue. “The attention to detail throughout the installation is impressive, from the real United Polaris seats and Saks bedding to the United flight attendant uniforms and Saks’ signature fashion represented by the season’s top ready-to-wear resort looks.”

Over 12,000hours of research revealed that sleep was one of the most important factors to international business class travellers. Armed with this knowledge, United reimagined their Polaris business class focussing on a sleep-enhancing experience for intercontinental travellers.
The airline also worked with Saks Fifth Avenue for custom bedding for both United Polaris lounges and on board. The new bedding collection features plush duvets, lightweight day-blankets and a large and small pillow for each United Polaris customer. Passengers are also provided with mattress cushions are upon request.

“High-quality pillows and bedding are crucial to a good night’s sleep, which is why we turned to luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue. Through our relationship with Saks, our passengers now have access to luxury, custom linens, pillows and blankets to help them relax and get the rest they need,” said Mark Krolick, vice president, marketing at United.

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