As an LVMH shareholder, PETA will now try to put a stop to exotic skin trade from within the luxury industry

Not too long ago, PETA put forward some disturbing evidence regarding the treatment of crocodiles at some Vietnamese farms. They also stated that LVMH was one of the companies sourcing exotic skins from these unethical farms. Now, LVMH has finally responded to the claims saying that they have already cut ties with the farms in question.

“The LVMH group and its suppliers ceased all trading in 2014 with the farms named by Peta,” LVMH said on Friday, adding that it sources its crocodile skins from other Asian suppliers. They also said that PETA already knew that LVMH had not been sourcing from the farms in question at the time of publishing the video.

PETA also revealed that they have become shareholders of LVMH in a bid to influence the company’s practices. They only own a single share, but it is enough to give them a say in important decisions. In the past, the organisation used the same method to stop Gap’s use of angora wool from rabbits.
Whether they will be successful in ending LVMH’s sale of exotic skin products is doubtful, as these products bring in a lot of money for the company.


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