World’s most expensive ice cream cone is a tribute to the Royal Wedding

Its just four more days for the royal wedding and everyone seems to wants a share of the regal limelight. This time around it’s an attempt to create a royal ice cream cone, that makes it right in the record books, if not the royal wedding at least. A Chorley-based couple that makes home-made ice creams for a living are the contenders for the title. Colin Bleasdale, 42, and his wife Rachel, 37, have come up with what they call “special royal wedding-themed flavor, using ultra-expensive ingredients”. The ice cream is made with truffle honey and 24-carat gold leaf covered caramel, which will be priced at £15 ($9) per cone.

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To make sure that something comes good out of the feat, Easter Sunday saw it go on sale. Also a giant ice-cream cone royal wedding bouquet will go under the hammer which will aid the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute that assists farmers and employees. About the recipe, Colin elaborated, “I’ve used traditional vanilla as the base. The truffle honey is an acquired taste, but I think it goes well with the sweetness of the caramel. The pure gold leaf is edible and we are also using it to coat the cones.” The centerpiece was crafted using the posh scoop made with ice-cream, with a hit of color thanks to some blackcurrant scoops. He hopes to make it to the Guinness Book of Records, “Hopefully it will get recognized as the most expensive ice-cream cone and Lancashire will get the record.”

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