Forget your allergy woes and get a hypoallergenic cat for $ 23,000

If you’re the kitty lover with an allergy to your favorite fur ball, this is going to change your pet horizon and how! A company called Lifestyle Pets has been cyber-parading with hypoallergenic cats and dogs. No more red eyes, plugged ears or itchy nose, thank you very much. No more falling for “so-called” hypoallergenic-pet breeders either.

Lifestyle Pets’ brushes aside false claims of animal-selling many with their Allerca GD cat and Jabari GD dog that are the only scientifically proven pets helping those individuals with feline and canine allergies. And speaking of helping, pet lovers can, not only have a cuddly companion minus the costs of allergy treatments but the companions in question are also the proven alternative to the traditional treatment.

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Lifestyle Pets focuses on rare naturally occurring genetic divergences already present in minute group that does not harm the animals in any way. In animal-lover-speak, it produces hypoallergenic pets, in turn, improving the health and quality of life, of many pet-allergy sufferers. Technicalities aside, what comes as an even greater surprise is that you can actually pick the coat color and pattern in your prized Allerca GD cat.

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Or that their Ashera GD cat is an exotic hypoallergenic with the markings and standing of a mini leopard. It grows up to a very large, 12kg and is their top-selling cat despite its pricy tag of $22,950. Dog lovers get off easy with a marginally less, $15,950. The Jabari GD is touted to be a playful and affectionate dog, the ideal size enjoyed by everyone in the family.




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