The 18 carat Gold Dog Chain will up the oomph quotient of your pet

Dogs can get as human as you want them to be. After a range of designer dog-wear, what is the next best gift you can give your pooch? Well, if it’s into as much vanity, why not try making it a bit luckier by gifting him an 18 Carat gold dog chain. You heard me right; Luke Rose Jewellery will custom-create a dog collar using a curved link made in 18 carats hallmarked gold especially imported from Germany, finished with a T-bar in the shape of a dog bone.

And since each chain is handcrafted, it takes 21 days to complete. The average weight of the chain is 70 grams. Prices start at $4,885 and the collar is available in a variety of sizes for different pooches.

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