Condo Cruise Lines International introduces floating condos

Ever dreamt of traveling the world, seeing all kinds of exotic places, cruising forever with not a care in the world? Visualize yourself being an international residence at sea, travelling in the perpetual intercontinental circumnavigation of the world’s oceans with the ultimate onboard facilities and amenities. Be a part of a family community where you can be a resident, or take holidays, to discover what this island we call earth has to offer. You can indeed make your dreams come true with Condo Cruise Lines International. Condo Cruise Lines’ first ship is nearly sold out in less than six months. The new cruise line that pioneered affordable luxury cruise ship condominiums is already working on its next two medium-sized ships. Erin LeCel Jones, Executive Vice President of the company, says, “The ship will be dry-docked in Singapore and the renovations should be complete by early December.”

Condo Cruise Lines has four more ships targeted for conversion to condos, and the next two are already being reconfigured by its world-class maritime partners. Tillberg Designs, the marine interior designers that created the luxurious interiors of the Queen Mary II and many more of the newest mega-ships, will develop the condo suites of this yet unnamed condo ship. The first ship’s condo prices started out at $349,000 and went as high as $529,000 last January, but after two price increases, the condos that are left, range from $562,000 to $1,280,000. With developers slowly running out of waterfront property, this innovative concept will give rise to a whole new parallel real estate market. The benefits of investing in a condo suite on a luxury cruise ship are huge. You have no ongoing electric bill, water/sewer bill, cable bill, or even groceries, and your condo building contains health spas, daily housekeeping, shopping, several restaurants, several cocktail lounges, a casino and an ever-changing view. Neither the cruise nor the investment real estate industry is expected to decline dramatically as their stability is grounded in two common truths … Americans love to travel, and Americans love to make money. Eleven million people take cruises every year, and eighty-per cent of them are Americans.

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