French Château that inspired the Three Musketeers novel is up for sale

The Three Musketeers is one of the most favorite and famous novels written by Alexandre Dumas. For all fans of this tale, here is some interesting news. A château in France, the Château d’Arricau-Bordes, which helped inspire this novel, is currently up for sale for €3.65 million ($5.29 million). Locally known as the ”Ancienne résidence de d’Artagnan, le fameux mousquetaire’’, this château was the 18th-century home of the Comte Jean-Paul Montesquiou d’Artagnan, uncle of the illustrious musketeer who inspired the writer Alexander Dumas to pen this classic novel. The features of this home are sure to fascinate one and all. For instance, the door boasts of a pistol lock, and if it were ever forced open, a ball would fire from a tube hidden in the lock and hit any intruder in the groin. A genius concept, this unique lock, however, is no longer functional.

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The honey-colored stone building has quite a history of its own. It dates back to the Knights Templar, who took residence there. A fortified house on a pilgrim route and crosses can still be found on the walls and doors. It is also alleged to be where Field Marshal Sir Arthur Wellesley, Marquess of Wellington, stayed when the Allied Army advanced towards Vic-en-Bigorre. And in the late 19th century, it was owned by an English clergyman who used it to recuperate clerics ”suffering from the London smog’’. The whole property was restored in the seventies when the medieval buildings earned the listing of Monument Historique. And four years ago, it was bought by Robert Shetler-Jones, who is now offering it for sale to any interested buyer.
The Château has several outhouses, including a guards’ cottage, a swimming pool, and billiards rooms. But the best feature is the vineyard. The Château has its own vineyard, which produces 4,800 bottles a year called Appellation Madiran Controlee. It also possesses its own winery, barrel aging chai, and bottle storage and enology laboratory.
Robert Shetler-Jones revealed he had been thwarted in his bid to make more wine. He and his wife are moving a few kilometers away to try and produce the perfect Armagnac. So the house awaits an owner. Do we have any takers?
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