The gorgeous French City of Nice has earned the coveted UNESCO world heritage status

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If you’re someone who aims to tick off every UNESCO world heritage off your list, then this piece of information is for you. The organization has recently added a new name to its records, and it happens to be the Southern French City of Nice. Yes, that’s right!

The announcement was made in a tweet which called Nice, famous for its mild climate, the “Winter resort town of the Riviera.” It joins 40 world heritage sites in France, which include the banks of the river Seine in Paris, the Amiens cathedral, the Mont Saint Michel, and stretches of the Loire Valley.

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Commenting on it, Nice’s mayor Christian Estrosi in a statement said, “The history of Nice, which is at the same time deeply rooted and open, Mediterranean and Alpine, European and cosmopolitan, has produced an architecture and a landscape that are unique, a model for many other cities in the world.”

A favorite amongst tourists, Nice is the second-biggest city on the French Mediterranean coast after Marseille and the fifth-biggest in France. It boasts several million visitors per year and has one of the busiest airports in the country.

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It has also been nicknamed “Nice and Beautiful” and is known for its history of European aristocracy from the 18th century. The city has further been an artist’s hub with painters such as Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse, as well as Anton Chekhov and Friedrich Nietzsche calling it home for differing durations of time.

With the UNESCO world heritage recognition, the French hot spot can capitalize on several intangible benefits and receive a further boost in tourism. So, how about a visit to Nice post the pandemic?

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