A man is selling his private island in Florida for a Ferrari Enzo

I am no Enzo owner to give my verdict. But I will go ahead and do it anyway. If I were an Enzo owner, I’d be a proud one and not lying in the lurch for the first island seller to give it away in exchange. Not that there are many of those island sellers, that is. But there, sure, is one, and his 3 cents in the sale of the 3-acre property is demanding the Enzo Ferrari. Named after the company’s founder, the F1-style beauty is one of the most expensive cars in the world. The island in question, on the other hand, is your everyday floating fare in Florida. Ok, so maybe that one’s an overstatement, but even if I were to say that it is the poshest of private properties, the Port Orange piece is hardly a match for the beaming Berlinetta. Still, a wealthy owner is offering his amenity-free exclusive land for the plush automotive pinnacle by Ferrari.

He, however, successfully strives to invite less ridicule by willing to accept a sum of $1.2 million for the same. So, auto-enthusiasts can stop gawking and pretend he didn’t just pick up a virtual axe and slash the value of an Enzo, which would go for well over $1.2 million any day. And hope he does his research on the upward graphing price of the automobile before he seeks offers on craigslist. Or simply retrieve into the very saleable privacy of his lush slab of land. Kapish?

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[Via – Daytona and Gtspirit]

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