This $1.75 million modernist Joshua Tree home sits right in the center of a 100-acre California desert. It’s lavish, tech-laden, and comes with a library.

The pandemic has taught us to live solitarily, and we often feel uncomfortable when it gets too people-y around us. If you are too comfortable in your company and have deep pockets, maybe this modernist, five-acre home set among Joshua Tree National Park’s famous boulders can be your dream home. It’s a minimalistic gem nestled between the nothingness of a vast natural desert with no one to bother you leave maybe a few birds, bugs, lizards, and snakes. Called the House Between the Rocks or El Cemento Uno, it will boggle your mind with its amenities and luxuries right in the middle of the magnificent Mojave Desert landscape. This unusual monolithic dwelling is the brainchild of URBARC Design Studio and KUD Properties.

They have wonderfully accommodated two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a library, and a reading nook, in 1,647 square feet of living space. The austere concrete exterior of this basic, bunker-like edifice keeps the home cool, while floor-to-ceiling windows offer uninterrupted Instagram-worthy views of the desert. The glass panes truly make the enormous natural habitat feel like a part of the home that’s got a personality of its own with the addition of rift-cut oak doors and cabinetry, and bespoke terrazzo tiles. Despite being in the center of a desert, the home is flanked by modern amenities, stylish JennAir appliances, electric window blinds, and a built-in library.

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I particularly love the addition of an outdoor shower that allows you to unite with nature, something that urban homes consider a luxury. The structure is constructed of RSG 3-D, making this avant-garde home fireproof, earthquake resistant, and energy-efficient. Fernando Silva, president of URBARC Design Studio, shared details with travelandleisure, “Our client wanted to have privacy, safety, and to be able to enjoy all the views toward the valley. He felt pretty good being between the rocks so we worked on it to accommodate the House.”

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He further explained, “In the summertime, it’s pretty hot in the desert, like 120-124 degrees. But inside the House, at noon, your air conditioner might be off, and you’re not hot. It’s because the shell protects you. There’s no penetration of heat.” The patios allow for endless hours of stargazing which is going to be your favorite view after sundown. I can’t think of a better place to unwind with a book in hand, some stars blanketing your roof, and a glass of Chardonnay to celebrate the good life. The property is listed with Troy Kudlac and the Stout Team for $1.75 million.

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