This Houseboat under the Eiffel Tower on Airbnb might just be the perfect thing for a Parisian holiday

Planning a trip to Paris? Our list on most luxurious Airbnb apartments in Paris that came out not so long ago is proof that this unique accommodation rental company is great at what it does- offer apartments with breathtaking views and at 1/3rd the price of five star hotels. And if the word “apartment” for you covers a broad spectrum, say one that includes houseboats, then we’d like to introduce you to the Houseboat under the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you’re a nature lover or simply a merrymaker, you’re going to love this whole Houseboat experience. Swans, ducks, cormorants and gulls make it a visit all year round, but the one-bedroom, one-bathroom barge is located in the center of Paris. This means all major museums and monuments too are within walking distance. And then, think about the Eiffel Tower itself, hovering above you, all lit up in the night, and you’re standing there, watching it from your private deck!

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houseboat-eiffel-tower-2The boat belongs to one Helene and her family, all of who’re occupants of the same boat but living in an independent housing studio. So while they’re at your disposal, guests have all the privacy, including that of a private deck and entrance, besides amenities such as WiFi, flat-screen TV and even a Nespresso machine. But who needs a TV when your floating palace, spread over two levels offers stunning views of Paris?

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Okay so palace might’ve been a bit much but in my defense, it does boast vintage woodwork, antique furniture and a small cast iron bath. Moored on a dock just below the Eiffel Tower, this houseboat sure is the most amazing way to spend a Parisian holiday, that too at €110 ($140) a night. Only thing is a minimum three nights stay is required, which from what we imagine should hardly be a problem in Paris.

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