World’s most expensive house for $500,000,000

I am glad that you are done counting the zeroes in the price tag. The most expensive house on earth has a lot to do with the French connection that binds it. Located in Monte Carlo, France, the house spans a whopping 10 acres of sprawling land that is placed in a little crib of natural surrounding. Originally, the house was meant to be for Belgium’s King Leopold’s mistresses and went on to be passed down to the hands of Microsoft’s Bill Gates. A lot has happened since and the most recent owner of the house is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic who is better known as the owner of EPL club, Chelsea.

The tycoon paid up a total of $500 million for the house and seems to be all set to invite the players over for a treat should they bring home the league cup next year. Oh, how I wish I played for Chelsea.

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