Smart Fortwo Brabus 10th anniversary model launched

Smart and Brabus have been building cars together for the past 10 years and sold more than 50,000 cars worldwide since the initiation. To celebrate their relationship for the past decade, the two are launching 100 specially equipped cars. The 10th anniversary model is 120hp turbocharged engine of the smart fortwo Brabus. The car is then slathered in liquid silver paint and given titanium-look headlamp surrounds and red Brabus logos.

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The interiors come with heated, hand-stitched, black leather seats with 10th Anniversary logos, red trim bits and a dash badge noting the car’s serial number. The car’s start button is integrated into the shifter.
To guarantee optimal side support during fast cornering the city sports car is equipped with Recaro Sportster seats. These are not only covered with the finest Brabus leather – their seat backrest shells are painted in the color of the outer skin.

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