Ferrari’s first hybrid supercar rumored to be on its way

Ferrari is testing its new hybrid car, which looks like it’s a few notched above its 599 GTO. Modeled on the line of their coupé-convertible California the car is touted to feature a V8 engine with “California’s headlamps, wheels, chromed wheel nuts, folding metal roof shut lines, brake caliper position and distinctive instrument binnacle,” which a newly modded exhaust pipes, which will stack the two pair horizontally rather than vertically. The car is also said to feature two electric motors, out of which the one at the front will drive ancillaries using lower capacity with the rear-mounted engine of 100bhp and 110lb-ft “with a pack of slim battery cells spread over the floorpan.”

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The new hybrid car will weigh 100kg more at the curb weight than the 599 Hybrid Concept that debuted at Geneva; the new car can clock speeds of 0-100mph in 10.4sec. The car is also said to have a super-fast traction control system in development, which will reverse the electric motor’s torque instead of cutting engine power during acceleration then ensure smooth gear changes.

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