Ferretti 630 – World’s first anti-seasickness Yacht

Sea-sickness? OMG, I can still feel it though it is only 2 months since I have returned from my holiday in Australia. Nothing and I really mean nothing has put me off during my OZ tour except the number of times I have thrown up while sailing to different destinations. The worst was when we traveled to the Great Barrier Reef. The farther you go in the sea, the more swelling the waves and the worst of the sickness. I hated myself for being so prone to the sickness….so when I came across this Anti-Seasickness Yacht I was overwhelmed. If only our catamarans also had this feature….I wouldn’t have complained a bit. Coming to this specific yacht, Ferretti 630, it uses a stabilizer system called Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) to stop side-to-side motion. Sound so simple right? Read on to know how it works.

There is a 154lb steel and aluminum gyroscope in the bottom of the hull with an electric motor, when the sea gets rough and the boat get tilty, the gyroscope spins against the lean and helps keep the boat on an even keel. The stabilizer not only has the benefit of keeping your guests from getting nauseous, but it also can help objects stay put rather than pitching and rolling with the boat. It is said that one English millionaire wasn’t entirely convinced that this actually works. So he put a glass of champagne on the table and the ARG was turned on. After watching it for five minutes he realized that the champagne didn’t move at all. Obviously, he decided there and then he wanted it.
The £1.57 million Ferretti 630 is on display for the 10-day run of the Southampton show, which is expected to attract 130,000 visitors. Btw, created by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) was intended originally for use in satellites to prevent them flying off course in the event of an impact.

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