Jay Leno rides the $3 million Koenigsegg One:1 megacar

Like all Koenigsegg’s the One:1 is a truly remarkable car. Like all super or hypercars, it is built for one purpose only, and that is speed. Cracking the tarmac with a top speed of 253 mph it is the first car to achieve an output of 1hp for a kilogram of kerb weight. Not only that it is also the first car to come under the category of mega cars, delivering an output of 1360 hp or 1 megawatt. Automobile aficionado Jay Leno and the founder Christian von Koenigsegg decided to take the One:1 for a spin, Along with the speed, Leno was amazed by the comfort and room in the car. ‘These are one of the most comfortable race seats I have been’ he said.

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Apart from the tires, Koenigsegg makes each and every part of the car. Interestingly it takes 5,000 hours to make one car. The unique doors are made of a single piece of carbon fiber and are attached to hydraulic dampers. An interesting conversation about a spectacular car – watch the video below.

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[ Via : Roadandtrack ]

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