Mercedes-Benz 300TD Limo created from junk is up for almost a million dollar

Most of the art made out of junk seems to need a very liberal mind. Even more so when you have to shell pot loads of money. If you are looking at junk at décor, it is still appealing, but art like the Matrix junk chair, or celebrity junk would mean you might have to be apologetic about acquiring them in the first place. But it junky junk art fascinates you, head on to eBay, where you can get your very own Mercedes-Benz 300TD Limo created by Antti Rahko! The 10-seater monster from beyond is made of parts collected from over 40 cars, including 86 lights and 36 mirrors.

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This 29 feet long and 3,402Kgs heavy vehicle is said to have picked top honors at the Houston Texas Art Car fest and is a two-time winner of the “People’s Choice Award” Art Car in Florida (why feature it twice if you’ve won once??). Priced at $950,000, you either have to be totally car crazy or a complete freak to pick up his one, but then again, who am I to judge?

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