More Rolls Royces sold in China than anywhere in the world

China has already bagged the crown of being the world’s second-largest luxury market. But that was not enough to satiate the country’s hunger to reign as the supreme power. We had already speculated about this, and now it’s official that China stands out as the country that has bought the most Roll Royce in 2011. This move has toppled the U.S. from its number one position for the first time. And we all are aware that Rolls-Royce is renowned for building luxury cars for the rich and famous. The leading auto brand has already announced the Year of Dragon Rolls Roycemodel. This latest shift has asserted that China is in top gear to outshine as the country that strives on everything that is the most expensive and luxurious. Though official numbers are not yet out, it is reported that as of June of 2011, Asia Pacific led the world in Rolls sales growth. While sales in North American grew 40%, sales in Asia/Pac grew 170%.

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