This $765,000 mobile home is the ultimate luxury zombie outbreak shelter on wheels

To survive in a post-apocalyptic world won’t be easy and it would take one heck of a vehicle to keep you and your family safe when you venture out in the undead world. It has to be big, tough, agile, and adaptable and have enough storage space to stock all the bare essentials. But worry not! You won’t have to build one for yourself as an Austrian company named Action Mobil has the perfect luxury zombie outbreak shelter on wheels. Meet the Action Mobil Globecruiser Family 7500, a supersized off-road camper designed for the most extreme situations.

The luxury camper measures 10 meters in length and 3.8 meters in height, and weighs 40,000lbs. Equipped with six wheel drive, the mega-camper has 530 horsepower on tap and a massive fuel tank that can store 400 liters of diesel. That’s not all; the 7500 has a water storage tank of 1000 liter capacity and four 240 Watt solar panels fixed to the roof of the vehicle which will power its appliances long after it has run out of fuel. In addition to that, there are two 2,400 Watt air conditioning units that will keep users cool and dry in the potentially brutal post-apocalyptic heat. This ultimate off-road camper can be yours for $765,000.


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