This new jaw-dropping EV concept by Mercedes-Benz pays homage to the stunning C111 experimental prototype from the 1970s

Mercedes-Benz has revealed a new concept EV called Vision One-Eleven which pays tribute to the stunning C111 experimental prototype built by the German automaker in 1970. The C111 was introduced during the peak of the famous wedge era as a testbed for Mercedes to try new technologies, including bespoke suspension components and even different powertrains. A total of 16 cars were built by the automaker, out of which 13 were powered by rotary engines, two came with diesel engines, and a single V8 version was made. The new Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven, on the other hand, is more of a design exercise for the brand while paying homage to the wild experimental sports car from the ‘70s.

The Vision One-Eleven boats plenty of design cues shared with the C111, which includes a sleek wedge-shaped design, round lights both on the front and back, gullwing doors, and massive black ducts on the front hood. The fascia also features the enlarged version of the three-pointed star logo while the exterior is finished in orange, mirroring the styling of C111.

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However, the Vision One-Eleven looks a lot more modern as compared to the car it pays tribute to, thanks to its sculpted body with a cab-forward design, its futuristic-looking silhouette, LED light panels, massive wheels fitted with low-profile tires, and an aggressive diffuser at the back.

The cabin of the Vision One-Eleven is just as interesting as the exterior and looks as if it is taken straight out of a sci-fi movie from the 1960s. Mercedes says it is the “first sports car with a lounge concept.” The interior features a three-tone finish that combines orange with silver and white. Furthermore, it is equipped with a rectangular steering wheel along with a display panel behind it that stretches the width of the car.

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While Mercedes says the powertrain has been developed by specialist motor company YASA, the automaker hasn’t revealed any performance or power figures. All it said was the concept car delivers “motorsport-like power output from a considerably smaller package.” Additionally, the company claimed that the EV features axial-flux motors, which are lighter and smaller than comparable radial-flux units. For now, Vision One-Eleven is just a concept car with no plans by Mercedes to put it into production.

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