From visiting museums to catching up on broadway shows – Here is how you can virtually escape from your quarantine

As the world comes to a halt, we find new ways of connecting, new ways of coping. Today more than ever, the virtual world is helping us fulfill our duty – protecting the health of the population – by allowing us to learn, visit, and discover, all from the comfort of our homes.

(Re)Visit Acclaimed Museums
Museums have been extremely generous with opening their doors to the public to allow culture to prevail during these trying times. According to Fast Company, Google is teaming up with about 2,500 museums and galleries to give the world access to free content.
The British Museum now allows virtual travelers to tour the Great Court, discover the ancient Rosetta Stone, and Egyptian mummies. You can also spend hours on their virtual tour. On the Musée d’Orsay’s website, you can now virtually walk through this Parisian treasure as you please. Another example is the very popular National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul), whose virtual tour takes you through six floors of art from Korea and all over the globe. Find more museums to tour here.

Discover US National Parks
For those not particularly interested in Museums, there’s an alternative: the US National Park Service has created abundant materials, available online, to visit the most iconic National Parks – enough to keep adults and children entertained for hours! Discover more here.

Bring Broadway and the Met Opera to your Screening Room
Missing your nights at the theater or the opera? Or have you always wanted to see that latest play on Broadway, but travel to NYC seems compromised for now? You can now stream On- and Off-Broadway plays online, with BroadwayHD. The company is currently offering a 7-day free trial, so, start binge-watching the best of Broadway now! For those who prefer opera (or enjoy both), the Metropolitan Opera launched the “Nightly Met Opera Streams” a series of free performances available online, for 20 hours. What started as a week-long experiment is now scheduled to last 3 weeks.

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Keep Busy
Some have started to learn a new language, others are taking online classes from Yale and various universites. Another way to keep your family engaged during your quarantine and still learn about the world is to be on the lookout for creative brands like Awasi and Stave Puzzles. A collection of luxury boutique lodges (Iguazu, Patagonia, Atacama), Awasi has created 3 downloadable images that contain a short story about the place and wildlife it depicts. Pick up a paintbrush yourself, or buy yourself a little peace and quiet by putting your children to the task… As for Stave Puzzles, they are the most amazing puzzles you didn’t know you needed, handmade in Vermont. When things clear up and you’ve become addicted to Stave puzzles, travel to the amazing Twin Farms, where puzzles are available in your room and throughout the property.

Read, Watch, and Listen
With more time on your hands, you might also want to keep learning about the world by using more traditional mediums – TV, books, and broadcast. Get a deeper understanding – and respect – for the Earth thanks to Our Planet (Netflix). Revisit classics like Casablanca or Il Postino, dive into Roma and My Brilliant Friend (also a book series). Awasi, here again, invites us into their world by letting us listen to the sounds of the jungle…until we get to experience them live. Because it doesn’t have to be all about travel, but also self-improvement, tune in and listen to How I Built This and Brene Brown: On Gratitude, Vulnerability, and Courage.

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Sample Foods from the World
Cooking provides a fantastic way to escape a dull daily routine. Instead of always preparing your go-to dishes, surprise your family with recipes from around the world. This might take a little planning, and not everyone might have access to needed ingredients, but it’s worth a shot. This week, pay homage to Italy with cacio e pepe, bring Japan into your kitchen, or take your family on a culinary trip to Mexico. After all that, I bet some of you will want to sign up for The Class! In the meantime, be well.

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