Saudi Crown Prince MBS is constructing the world’s largest temperature-controlled gardens near Riyadh. Spanning 10 hectares, this colossal site will feature an educational edifice, paleobotanical gardens, and various biomes.

The beauty of a city is not measured by its tall buildings or concrete creations but by patches of green, and Saudi Arabia is filling the Tuwaiq desert just outside of Riyadh with a stunning development—the King Abdullah International Gardens. There are several aspects that will set the King Abdullah International Gardens a notch above the rest. The King Abdullah International Gardens are the world’s largest temperature-controlled gardens, a feature that even the reputed Singapore Botanic Gardens with the world’s largest orchid display, cannot boast of. In addition, the site will flaunt a whopping 400 million years of the earth’s developments, witnessed in an endless variety of flowers, trees, and vegetation.

Step into the King Abdullah International Gardens and you’ll be transported back in time, to the Jurassic, Cretaceous, Devonian, Carboniferous, Cenozoic, and Paleobotanic periods. The Paleobotanical gardens, nestled within an endless array of gardens, are an educational space that illuminates the choices we make and their impact on the world today and in the future. Adding a touch of enchantment is the serene Butterfly Garden, a haven for delicate fluttering creatures.

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The Paleobotanic section

Like many other developments in the Kingdom, the King Abdullah International Gardens will be a beacon of sustainability. Powered by renewable energy sources like the sun, and with a robust water recycling system, it will be a testament to their commitment to the environment. This exquisite project is expected to welcome over three million visitors annually from both local and international markets, starting from Autumn 2025.

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The butterfly garden
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