This Japanese city razed more than 800,000 gorgeous tulips in full bloom to stop Instagrammers from gathering amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

Some things in our world are so beautiful even the cumbersome COVID-19 cant keep people away from admiring the beauty. Is it worth risking your life over it? Certainly not! Which is why the annual Sakura Tulip Festa has undergone changes to keep people away, indoors and safe during the pandemic. The Japanese City cut as many as 800,000 tulips which were part of the festival of flowers that showcases thousands upon thousands of tulips in full bloom. This breathtaking dazzling display of colour beneath an authentic Dutch windmill, which was built to mark 400 years of friendship between Japan and the Netherlands. Considering the state of affairs and using measures like quarantine and social distancing to avoid non-essential outings in an attempt to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus, the Sakura Tulip Festa had been cancelled for 2020. But like I mentioned above not everyone can resist beauty and unfortunately, it all had to be razed as even after warnings and rules it hasn’t stopped people from coming to view the flowers.

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As recently as the afternoon of 11th April, 400 people were seen on the grounds, despite the festival being called off and the parking lot being closed. The flowers were in their full bloom and I’m sure the city didn’t come to the decision to raze them lightly. In all about 800,000 tulips of 100 different varieties were cut down in their prime.

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This is what the beautiful Tulip gardens have been reduced to.
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