World’s biggest airport coming up in London?

Throughout history, the British have always been amongst the first to venture across seas to claim their right to have the biggest and best from around the world. Not much has changed centuries later. The architectural firm of Foster + Partners has partnered with the Halcrow and Volterra builders (a consultancy group of British economists) to discuss their ambitious plans to construct the biggest airport in the world in the UK. Sources say it will be located at the end of the Thames Estuary. This new airport is aiming to help take the strain off the traffic from the Heathrow airport.

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This airport will be a part of the brand new Thames Hub transport systems with a high-speed railway arrangement for trains running within the UK and Europe.
Plans for a new Thames barrier to extend over the flood-proof zone further along the river are also in works.
The FT has called this go-getting exercise the “most radical overhaul of Britain’s transport, logistics, and communication network since the railways building.” The London Mayor, Boris Johnson has already voiced his approval for this extraordinary project.
Some time back even China had announced its plans for world’s biggest airport in Beijing that would be of the size of Bermuda island.

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