Quora Answers – Should I buy a Rolex as an investment, or am I better off just buying gold and silver?

Marc Montagne says – I was 22 years old, when I got myself a Rolex Submariner 14060M. It was a few years ago, in 2010. I was still a student and at that time, the retail price was 4,100€ but I managed to get mine at 3,300€ brand new with box and papers from a well known grey market seller.

Today, that same watch is worth at least 5,200€ on the second hand market. Just have a look at the prices on Chrono24 for example. Put differently, I could be paid 1,900€ just for wearing this cool watch for the past seven years! This represents a 57% gain on the original investment. Even if it was bought at retail price it would still represent a significant amount of money. At that price, I should have bought a few others and kept them in a safe. Of course, not all Rolex models would make a good investment, this is where you need a little expertise.

On the other side, buying gold bars is boring as hell. You don’t get to wear it. Or maybe you are a famous rapper. Then, it could be fine I guess ! There’s no satisfaction with gold whereas the pleasure I have wearing my Submariner is invaluable. You make money and you enjoy having it, what else do you need?

So, Rolex as an investment over gold and silver? Hell yeah, any time!

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