A luxury villa in Shanghai sold for twice the average price per square meter in Manhattan

While China continues to rise as an economy at a blistering pace, it will soon take over the world as a new industrial and other outsourcing destination. And you wish to set up a business in the country anytime soon, check out the property rates for luxury villas there too. Well if your destination is Shanghai, do pay a visit to Yinliu Road in Zhangjiang, where luxury villas are priced as much as $20,385 per square meter! It is reported that currently, this is almost twice the average price per square meter in Manhattan.

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The latest villa was sold earlier this week at that staggering asking rate of as $20,385, which translates to 138,214 Yuan per square meter. If you want one for yourself, you better hurry because there are only 18 of these villas that measure between 494 square meters and 669 square meters.

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