Speakers made of china from Japan!

Made in Japan but made of china! Its Monday morning and I am not going nuts yet……I have written it correct. This set of 2 speakers are made of porcelain also called ‘fine china’. Oddly square-shaped, this set has been designed by (you guessed it right) Japanese designer Noboru Kawamura. He felt that the raw material used provides a warm, tender sound that traditional wood or plastic enclosures can’t achieve. All we know that they measure 5″ (w) x 5″ (d) x 6″ (h). No clue about the other features. But I guess it would defintiely be enough for a small cubicle or your office desk.

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However spending ¥48,000 a pair (about $392 US dollars), you wouldn’t just want it to be a table side speaker set.

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