Flat Pack fighter kit for $263,000 takes away your breath

If you ever had a dream of flying an aircraft and put away the trance by thinking “it’s obviously impossible, are you kidding me?” then you’ve got to jump back into that realm, because you could really “build” your dream for $263000 for almost 1/10th the original price of a spitfire fighter. The makers of super marine aircraft MK 26 spitfire charge £100,000($203000) for completion of 90% of the aircraft construction process and another £30($60,000) to complete the remaining part that takes 1200 hrs for construction. The fighter plane comes with 700 hrs of construction already vouched for and is shipped from Australia. But the remaining part of the construction is your problem.

Mr Padden has been caught quoting: “The aircraft is superb.” Everyone who flies the aircraft says: “I have got to have one of these. Even the old spitfire pilots he has spoken to have to say that it flies just like the original and far more advantageous since it is much lighter but offers the same performance and also is far more agile probably because of it’s smaller size. Boosted by the GM V6 engine, the iridescent aircraft flies at a speed of 222 mph and soars altitudes of 18000ft. The manufacturer has also recreated the sound, bringing the feel of old times back into action. You would also be amused to know that the flat pack fighter is the same model used by the RAF and Allied forces during the World War and has been recreated in this new, sleek form.