DeWitt Incognito Steampunk Concept No. 1

Besides the love for absurd nomenclature of their products and the auctions where they give out these products, the makers of the DeWitt Concept No. 1 also adore some pretty strange watch designs. The Concept No. 1 has a strange touch of gothic fantasy and a pirate ridden history in its style. Created by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the watch invokes ancient memories from dark pirate days. Is comes armed with expanding riveted case, flying tourbillon, five barrels and a 21 day power reserve.

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It is hidden deep in the seas of time. The mystery behind the dark days when the water dacoits commanded the ocean has not been unearthed in its completeness. You can make the most of the lost time by catching up on the DeWitt Concept No. 1.