McQueen’s $984,000 Le Mans racing suit is the most expensive piece of racing memorabilia

The man of the era – a racer, an acting legend, and a sportsman to the core, Steve McQueen has carved his place in cinema and racing simultaneously by the 1970s. To celebrate him and his spirit, a suit worn by the Le Mans movie legend was part of an auction in California. It went under the hammer for $800,000 plus a further $184,000 in premium fees and taxes. If you do the math, that’s a crazy $984,000, which makes the suit by far the most expensive motor racing item to be sold, excluding cars, of course. In 1971 the overalls, bearing the name of the charming actor’s character Michael Delaney in Le Mans, were given away in a UK newspaper competition by Solar Productions to promote the movie.

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Something exciting about one of the highest-paid movie stars of his time, Steve, was also an avid racer. While he was studying acting, he used to support his expenses by participating in weekend motorcycle races. He also went on to do most of his stunts for most of his movies, including stunt driving scenes.

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