The very last Leica M3 camera ever made is on sale on eBay for $595,000

Back in 2012, the world record for the most expensive non-prototype camera on the planet was broken by the very first production Leica M3. The camera with serial number 700001 fetched close to $1.17 million. Now, the very last Leica M3 camera ever made is up for sale on eBay with an asking price of $595,000 USD. The camera has been listed by power seller Setadel Studios who are known for dealing in collectible camera equipment since 1998. According the information on the listing, it comes with letters from Leica certifying that the the camera with serial number 1164865 was the last one made.

The Leica M3 camera is considered as one of the most coveted classic shooters by collectors. Often described as the greatest rangefinder camera ever made, the M3 was introduced in 1954 and about 200,000 pieces were sold before the production ended in 1966. The last batch saw only 20 units being made, making them extremely rare. Setadel Studios claims in the listing that this particular Leica M3 is in brand new, never used condition, exactly as it left the factory over 60 years ago. “You can still feel the texture on the top plate silver chrome from not being handled,” the listing reads. “The paint is still shiny and rich luster from also being kept new!” The package being sold contains the camera, the serial number service card, red and white rope, the box, foam fittings, caps, and documentation.


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