This vintage jukebox built from a classic Mercedes-Benz is up for auction

If you are a collector of cool vintage items and have been looking for the quirkiest jukebox ever made, this phonograph might be the one. Vintage car auction site “Bring A Trailer” on last Friday put up an online auction for an ultra-cool jukebox which is housed inside the hood of a classic Mercedes-Benz 220SE. The description on the website states that this custom, 45 rpm phonograph was built by a British performance art troupe Mutoid Waste Company during its peak in the 1980s. They gained fame in the 1980s for their elaborate welded sculptures created from scrap, often from car parts.

The jukebox at some point made its way to the United States and currently is in Los Angeles lying in a non-working state with the need of proper restoration. The electronics of the jukebox are said to be designed for use with a 220V power source. The Mercedes it’s housed inside wears a dark blue paint and retains its Euro-style headlights and front bumper along with chrome accents and two front wheels. The Mercedes jukebox has no reserve, but the highest bid at the time of writing this article sits at $1000.

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