The $1 billion US Embassy in London – Most expensive U.S. diplomatic buildings in the world.

It looks like the US Embassy has finally realized that security is greater than style! Philadelphia-based architecture firm Kieran Timberlake is the winner of the design competition for designing the United States’ high-security new Embassy in London. The 500,000 square foot building will house 12 stories and is billed as the greenest as it is situated in the Nine Elms area of Wandsworth, an area with a quiet neighborhood. The light-emitting, crystal form building is tagged as the greenest owing to its suave features-exterior lined with energy-absorbing material, solar-paneled roof, and provision to collect London’s plentiful rainfall to be self-sufficient in water. James Timberlake is a local architect who partners with Timberlake for designing the Embassy.

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Last year, a deal to sell the current embassy to a property investment company owned by the Government of Qatar was proposed by the State Department. Construction of the new embassy is due to start in 2013, with the completion targeted for 2017. The new embassy’s quiet neighbors include railway lines, public housing projects, a fruit and vegetable market, and the Derelict Battersea Power Station.
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