First Sachin Tendulkar Opus is the most expensive book on cricket at $350,000

We’ve mentioned about Kraken Media’s $75,000 worth Tendulkar Opus based on legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar earlier. The first copy of the Sachin Tendulkar Opus now has takers who’re offering up to $350,000 for the 37kg book, also the most expensive book on the game. Comprising of 700 pages each measuring 18 x 18 inches and sporting a whopping 1000 photographs of the cricket hero, this Opus gives a never-seen-before outlook on the cricketer’s life with rare pictures from Tendulkar’s personal collection.

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The book also contains wood pieces from Tendulkar’s bats inlayed in between two pieces of red leather that will be used as a page marker. A true tribute to the 38-year-old cricketing legend, this leather-encased hand bound Opus by the Opus Media Group has had people pre-ordering it four years ago!
It is also reported that the Sachin Tendulkar Opus Facebook site has five million followers making it India’s second most popular individual page.
[Tendulkar opus] Via – [IndiaToday]

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