Paris Hilton all set to Model in India for Anand Jon

Paris Hilton succeeded in making to the newsstand again….and this time India is the reason! She is all set to model for a luxurious American fashion line in India next year. Her latest employer is designer Anand Jon, and the starlet will be modeling his line of high-end evening wear for India’s upper class. Jon says, “Paris is a very close friend of mine. We have known each other for a long time now. So, when I told her about this visit, she was pretty excited. For her, India is the land of exotica and beauty. In fact, her response was, ‘I finally get to visit the exotic’. She loves Indian culture and the Indian influence on clothes.” Despite the fact that Hilton’s video for her debut single Stars Are Blind was issued an adult certification by Indian censors in August, banning the promo from being screened on any TV channel in the country, we feel Paris is geared up to dare all of them.

Although she hasn’t visited the country before, Hilton is well known in trendy Indian social circles. Hilton would visit five Indian cities including Mumbai to shoot the campaign, but a final schedule is still to be chalked out. Do we foresee a red carpet welcome for Paris by India?

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