Scarlett Johansson dubbed as the highest paid actor of 2016

After years of male actors ruling Hollywood, (at least in terms of pay,) it is high time for the stereotype to change. And the one to do us the honors is none other than the sultry actress – Scarlett Johansson, who was recently titled as the highest-paid actor for the year 2016! While she has garnered much recognition in past for being the highest-grossing actress ever, the current label has added a brand new feather to her cap.

Earning a cool $1.2 billion USD throughout 2016, mainly for her acclaimed performance as ‘Black widow’ in Captain America: Civil War and her short yet commendable act in, Hail Caesar!, Johansson raced right to the top list, leaving a string of deserving candidates behind her. Her Marvel co-stars, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr tied second with gross earnings of $1.15bn USD each. While our popular actress made it to the top, the top five was further rounded up by two female names – Margot Robbie ($1.1 billion USD) and Amy Adams ($1.04 billion USD).

Further, if animated movies were to be taken into consideration for accounting these numbers, Johansson’s 2016 earnings would turn out to be substantially larger than her present retribution, thanks to her voiced characters in The Jungle Book and Sing. The much-admired actor’s next potential blockbuster is said to be Ghost in the Shell, which is adapted from a Japanese film franchise. All said, Johansson sure has an eye for high–grossing films!


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