Taylor Swift to insure her legs for $40 million

If rumors are to be believed, then it looks like Taylor Swift might be very close to signing papers that would insure she doesn’t lose out on her $200 million career or at least her ability to ‘shake it off’! The singer-actress is reportedly insuring her dancing legs for a grand $40 million and is going to close the deal right before her 1989 album tour that kicks off in May. Taylor, who began her music career at an early age of 14, was the youngest artist to win a Grammy Album of the Year in 2010 and continues to create Billboard No. 1 hits till date. Her on-stage lively and energetic performances would not be the same if her legs weren’t in the best shape, which is probably what prompted her insurance deal and we’re pretty confident other Swifties would agree.

If you’re one to think Taylor’s $40 million leg insurance is ridiculous, what would you say to Julia Robert’s $30 million insured smile OR J-Lo’s $300 million butt insurance?

[via – Marie-Claire]