Diamond patterned Wood Veneer to cover your walls

Festivals are that time of the year when you want to refurbish everything around you. Planning to give a face-lift to your walls this season? Do them up with diamonds…not the gemstone but this Diamond patterned Wood Veneer Wallcovering. Take a look at how one of nature’s most precious materials, wood, combines with the newest technology in veneer to produce unique paper-thin wood products. Maya Romanoff coaxes the inherent beauty with the most advance production methods. The result is a consistently pleasing color palette and surfacing material that traverses easily between commercial and residential, contemporary, and traditional. The newest member of the Ajiro collection, micro-thin Pawlonia wood is inlaid in traditional basket weave or diamond pattern to create this pliable wood veneer wall covering. The eye-catching colorations are easy to install on walls and can wrap columns too.

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The handsome veneers are available in several different hues, including cherry, copper oak, charcoal, and silver birch. The Diamond pattern is available in 4.25-inch diamonds and Basket-weave is available in 3-inch squares.