Traum Safes for folks who have more than their share of riches

If reading about beyond-my-reach stuff gives you complex then you can skip this article. For those who love to dig in can take a look at these extraordinarily bespoke safes coming from German brand Traum. They make ready-to-install safes in three different designs from high-end materials. If you need a special safe or even a special walk-in vault, they will do it. Whatever you can dream of, after all, that is what Traum means in German. User-guided electronic locks permit the owner to put valuables away in less than a minute while stylish interior lighting gives a clear inside view. Moreover, custom-designed drawers ensure that everything has its own convenient place. What else can you ask for? Just a bit of more gold or cash to stuff in?

With a panel of experts, they analyze your security requirements, listen to your personal preferences and recommend the right safe, size and finish for you. Along with your designer, they also assist you to locate the safe in the best possible location. Since they are totally customized, the exact pricing is uncertain, but you can expect them to be much more then what you would be having in your lockers now.