Amosu’s line of bespoke shirts with bejeweled buttons for $40,000

On a Friday, I normally dress up casually by paring a denim with a crisp white blouse. Though my sparkling white top adds some elegance to the informal bottom, it certainly fails when compared to the latest line of luxurious shirts from Amosu. I just received a mail from Alexander Amosu about their series of exclusive bespoke shirts and decided to share with all my readers at the earliest. Made from the finest cotton in the world, each bespoke shirt comes with silvers buttons. And to button up more opulently, you can order for a shirt with gold, platinum or diamond encrusted buttons. Ranging from £400 ($650) to £25,000 ($40,000), these shirts will definitely complement the world’s most expensive suit from Alexander Amosu. You can find them at Apsley Store, 13 Pall Mall, London.

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