Bally collaborates with Swedish artist André Saraiva to launch ‘revived’ capsule collection

In an innovative attempt to appeal to today’s dynamic, contemporary consumers, Bally, renowned Swiss accessories and apparel brand, recently collaborated with Swedish artist André Saraiva to launch a capsule collection – Stirred by the desire to update a pair of vintage boots.

The inspiration behind this Bally x André capsule collection was while the artist was packing for a trip, during which he chanced upon a pair of second-hand 1973 Bally leather boots tucked away in his closet. The character of these vintage boots inspired Saraiva to create a replica for his girlfriend. From there emerged the idea of creating a capsule collection of travel-inspired accessories and exclusive artwork. Additionally, to appeal to the trendy, social-media-savvy customers, the collaboration was also promoted through a unique Snapchat scavenger hunt.

The collection will be centered around the vintage leather boots that have now been updated by Saraiva and Pablo Coppola – Bally’s design director. Further developed from the initial idea will be functional leather items like a wallet, a key ring, a passport cover, a cosmetics bag, and a scarf. These Bally x André small leather products will showcase an embossment of Saraiva’s signature stick figure character Mr. A, which also appears throughout the capsule collection’s promotional animations shared across different social networks. From these animation scenes, Saraiva has also designed an exclusive illustrative poster for Bally, which happens to be the first designed for the house ever since it shifted to photography-based campaigns in 1990.

To celebrate both the collection as well as Bally’s first graphic poster in 25 years, Snapchat is being leveraged by the brand to boost consumer interaction. As part of this Snapchat campaign’s mobile-activated scavenger hunt, Bally placed the illustrative poster in various locations around New York on October 25. Snapchat followers were then asked to look for three of the posters and ‘Snapchat’ it as soon as they find them. The first 10 people to find and snap three posters and reach the Bally boutique on Madison Avenue before 2 PM EST won a limited-edition poster signed by Saraiva.

This inventive coalescence of a popular new-age social media platform like Snapchat and a renowned artist whose accessible art is fundamentally quirky makes Snapchat an ideal platform choice in Bally’s latest campaign.

Rooted in Bally’s anticipation that this exclusive effort will strengthen the brand’s heritage and engagement with ‘millennial’ customers, Bally plans to continue its artist-poster collaboration even in the future.

The interesting Bally x André capsule collection will be available online as well as in certain select stores in London, Beverly Hills, California, New York, Milan, Paris’ Capucines and Galeries Lafayette. Tokyo is slated to be next on this list.