Christian Louboutin reveals sensual perfume oil collection

You may remember that not too long ago, Christian Louboutin made his foray into the world of perfume, now the designer has recreated the same trio of fragrances in a luxurious oil format. These perfume oils are a sensual and indulgent way to experience the fragrances.

According to the brand, these oils are elixirs containing the highest concentration of parfum oil and no added water or alcohol making them a more “intimate” fragrance experience in comparison to traditional perfumes. The oil is intended to be massaged into the skin, leaving the skin with a subtle sheen and enveloping the wearer in a cloud of fragrance. Fragrance oils can be layered to create new and personal scents, or worn alone. You can apply the oils to areas like the décolleté, wrists, collarbone, along her legs, her inner arm or the nape of the neck.
One again the bottles were created in partnership with Heatherwick Studio and they boast a similar shape and the same colorways that we saw on the original perfume bottles. The perfumed oils are priced at $320 for a $30 ml bottle which is pretty steep. But the motto here little goes a long way especially given that the oils are bound to be much more intense than your average Eau De cologne. Buy them online from


[Available at : Christianlouboutin]

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